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Gauge your Oil Patch

Increase in industrialisation and usage of petroleum products has resulted in the rapid growth of Oil & Petroleum sector. Our research consultants and analysts help our clients acquire adequate knowledge about equipment suppliers, oil field hardware manufacturers, process control equipment, and drive excellent performance in production optimisation, manage cost and capital, and stay firm in this oil industry.

Our deep understanding in operations and transfer & Implementation enables our clients to unlock their inherent potential. Value Point also supports organisations to maximise the value of existing reserves, develop green field projects, and deploy advanced innovations in alternative energy sources/fossil fuels.

Case Study

Experience Says it all

1. Our client wanted to identify the products related to the Oil & Petroleum value chain in order to expand their business. When they approached us, we performed a thorough study of value chain of Oil & Petroleum industry, the demand and the forecast over the small and medium terms.

2. Client of our’s had a range of products for Oil & Petroleum sector and wanted to introduce their products in another state/region. Based on analysis of age of installation, we studied the applications and developed the demand estimate for their growing business.