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Driving Growth with Logistics

The research and consulting by Value Point for logistics and shipping industries is focused at three major aspects, namely costs, efficacy and customer relations. The data analysis also covers environmental aspects as we find out most eco friendly methods of developing logistics and shipping businesses, in a bid to protect the ecosystem on ground and in the oceans.

The consultation offered by our experts has helped our clients enhance productivity with the use of digital intelligence and technological support. Moreover, we assist them with legal compliance related to freight charges and billing, audits, weights and cargo claims, inspection, etc. This gives them a leeway as they can dedicate time and resources on growing their business.

Why Value Point consulting?

For Sustainable Growth in all Dimensions

With growth in global trade, the scope for shipping service providers has increased manifold. Complexities in business have also increased with higher scale of trade. Testing uncharted waters can be risky for shipping companies, especially when there are trade partners and stakeholders. We have helped our clients reduce the hassles and maintain a smooth sail with timely consultation on all aspects. We act along with the teams and ensure that support is accessible at all locations and round the clock, across time zones.

Even for logistics companies, meeting the challenges of faster delivery while maintaining quality is not easy. We assist clients in attaining zero wastage of time and resources. Bringing about changes in procedures as well as digital support has helped them exceed the expectations of national and international customers.