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Sharing Bite Sized Courses Across Multiple Platforms

To keep up the pace with ever changing market trends, organisations must leverage on advanced learning modules and keep their workforce updated with the of-late developments in the industry. Team at ValuePoint offer flexible etraining solutions such as SCORM modules for companies that are involved in continuous employee training, boarding & management process.

SCROM abbreviated as ‘Shareable Content Object Reference Model’ is the killing, best-in-breed E-learning solution that lets you curate one-time training courses, integrate and access them from various platforms.

The SCORM modules designed by our experts (SCORM 2004/1.3) track bookmarks, scores and learning activities of the user.

What Do You Receive?

Key Elements Included In Our Service

With the help of industry experts, designers, and developers we create granular of etraining courses that standardise learning objectives and empower your existing training libraries. Some of the courses included in our service are: informative PPTs, engaging videos, self-assessment modules, MCQs, etc. The SCORM module developed by us can be seamlessly integrated and supports versions.

Planning 75%
Consulting 90%
Marketing 80%