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Array of Streamlined Learning Modules

Every organisation or institution is unique and so are their training/learning approaches and needs. Of late, to effectively educate learners or fill the widening skill gaps, harnessing the power of latest technology has become a necessity for growth-oriented entities.

Best-fit learning solutions which are curated & executed using suitable content development methodologies such as instructional system design (ISD) theories is an effective solution offered at Value Point Consulting.

Adaptive learning and mobile learning (m-learning) are now elemental for training/learning processes. We use cutting-edge technology/software such as HTML, CSS, native development, etc. and develop learning modules of multiple formats for multiple channels. Ranging from skill development, technical, life science courses to self-instructional material and short certificate courses, team at Valuepoint is well equipped for diverse educational modules.

Case studies

Here it from our clients

  1. 1. A private education institution in Bihar wanted to adopt a new learning method to enhance the knowledge of K-12 students. When they approached us, we collected the necessary details (curriculum, target objectives, module wise assessments, etc.), expectations and then developed an engaging academic content that catered to the specific requirements of the institution.
  2. 2. Our client involved in a gadget production business wanted to educate their workforce regarding the technical aspects of gadget functioning, inbuilt technologies, and implement the same in other models. Based on their typical requirements, we developed easy to manage rapid authoring solutions in multiple forms (PPT, audio & video recording).
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