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Redesigning your Retail Strategy

With the evolution in retail spaces and techniques, every marketer needs to adopt an innovative approach to retailing goods and services. We conduct in depth retail research and compile the reports so that our clients can approach them anytime. Our consultancy regarding FMCG and retail strategy revolves around selecting location, finding target consumer group, planning launch campaigns and finalising brand/ channel partners.

Retailing goods and services effectively entails being able to create a value proposition, and offering the best quality at competitive prices. We assist you by researching about price points, market expectations about your offerings and SWOT analysis of your competitors. We churn up the best possible retail game plan.

Our Client Experience

How We Help you Make Profits on Every Store

Our clients have benefited from our unique research and consultancy services for various scales and formats of retail marketing. In case of FMCG, we have studied the leading brands and analysed their strategy. The success mantras are decoded for you so that you reach break-even point within the first financial year. You can plan each step of the retail launch with our assistance, getting definite results. Whether it is an online store or traditional marketing, standalone store or through an established channel partner, we have the most suitable campaign solutions for your industry.