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Entench you Foot in Digital World

The revolution of the Internet has brought a new form of business in the market; digital/ ECommerce mode. We, at Value Point, diagnose market trends and provide deep insights to our Digital/ECommerce clients. Through extensive consulting experience, we help our clients to utilise the opportunities in the business model, rationalise marketing and other business processes.

Digital/ECommerce sector is not merely about technology but is also about the consumer expectation and shift in competition. We use tailor-made analytical approaches and our market analysis report enables our clients to build/improve their service/products, adopt or reject certain ECommerce business model and trade off between proposed investments and identify the potential market opportunities.

Market research

What is Included in Our Market Research?

In the era of globalised business environment, market research plays a crucial aspect for the success of a business. It can help you identify new opportunities in the marketplace and profitable market segments , minimise risk, and figure out emerging market trends. Our market research includes:

  • Market Segmentation - This lets you identify new product opportunities and pricing models.
  • Competition Analysis - We compare the competition based on product features, market share, metrics etc.
  • SWOT Analysis - Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your business are identified.
  • Macroeconomic Variables - Impact of interest rates, GDP, forex rates are determined.